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#100Roomchallenge 100 room challenge pink and green girls vintage bedroom

The 100 Room Challenge was a challenge in every single way! When I learned about it I got pretty excited, make over a room or space in your home for $100. Use what you have and make it work! The best part in my home I could has chosen almost ANY room. They all need some TLC and DIY. But I decided I would tackle the little girl’s bedroom. When we first bought our house the walls paper was falling down and floors peeling in the room. We painted it a purple grey colour for the girls and laid laminate flooring but one huge mistake was made. The wood work was painted too. Older homes often used oil used paint. Putting latex paint on top resulted in peeling paint and a HUGE mess. We had already began to scrap the paint off a few weeks before the challenge was announced. Josh had already started to crack fill the walls and fix the electrical. So this was the room e chose! It would mean keeping the budget tight, following a plan and sticking to a timeframe!

Before the Room Makeover

Figuring out the colour palette was difficult! I wanted something a little bit different, not the typical baby pink or soft lavender. The girls and I were in Kent’s one day and I spied the Peach Brick and I was sold! It look warm and sunny but still feminine and girly! The dressers was going to be painted white again but I wanted to be a bit bold and went for a punch of emerald green.

Now this green was supposed to have a but of a blue undermine but a nice deep green. I told myself that if I did’t like it, I could prime and paint it white. That prophecy almost happened. The first coast went on splotchy and watery. The colour was a vivid Sesame Street green. Nothing quaint about it because the colour was glaring and obnoxious. Three coats later I admitted defeat and back to the hardware store.

painting a green dresser

They could see the colour had separated and ordered fresh can. and they also did this at no extra cost! Which was great because doing the 100 Room Challenge going over budget is not really the goal and it can happen so easily when projects like this go south. The second round when on thick and the loud green was toned down. The old handles were large, bulky and at a glance you know from the 80’s. I had bought handles for another dresser at a flea market in August but decided this project needed them more. They were silver for I used the leftover gold paint and the result was a more modern feel!

painted dresser that is emerald green with gold handles done on a budget

The mirror was free and from dumpster diving. Don’t laugh,(my son certainly didn’t he was horrified). We have a large room at work and sitting on top in plastic was this mirror. At the end of the work day it was still sitting on top of the garbage and I noticed the back was missing a strap that held the mirror in place. I took it home, added some wire to the back and it is perfect!

#100roomchallenge a pink and green girls bedroom

The chicken picture was the best find. My daughter is CRAZY about chicken’s, she has begged (and it isn’t happening ) for a pet chicken. So this tickled her fancy. The lamp was painted using left over spray paint, and the curtain rod I had on hand and was silver and I painted that. The green cushion were actually a bed sheet that has been sitting in a drawer unused for years! The dresser is my childhood dresser, the bed I picked up at an antique store in the spring. I hung a few of the girls pictures that were in the living room on the wall and also the floral embroidery hoops. They were from the studio and I have used this for over a year in pictures.

a pink and green girl's bedroom done for the 100 room challenge

The word sign was a learning project for me and will have to be another blog post for another day. Figuring out how to print the letter large enough, learning how to use the saw, buying my own wood, using stain, this was all new to me but it was a great and empowering project! I let Cecilia pick her favourite quote (with some help) and she chose this one. This suits her beautifully!!!

embroidery floral hoops in a girls bedroom for the 100 room challenge

Total Budget $100 (USD):

Wall Paint $13

Chicken Picture-$13

Lamp- $1.50

Lamp Shade- $6

Wall Paint $13

Dresser Paint $8

Pillow covers-$12



Paint pen-$2

Wood- $10



Total spent-$98.50

I converted prices from Canadian to American the current exchange and also Walmart.com’s pricing.

decor under $100 to do a paint and green girls bedroom

Having a deadline of 4 weeks pushed Josh and I to stay focused, manage our time and budget accordingly! Seeing how far we could stretch our dollars by shopping our home, studio and the thrift stores was eye opening! I had to make time to do all browsing and hunting but it saved quite a few pennies!

100 Room Challenge Decrating a room under $100 a pink and white girls bedroom

I did pivot the project a little bit. I originally planed for two beds and did have the other cream bed BUT while hunting for the lamp I came across another spindle bed. This one more ornate and in need of some restoration and TLC, so that will be worked on and then we will add both beds on another day! Overall this was such a fun project and I know I will be joining in again with other bloggers!

$100 to decorate a pink and green girls bedroom



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