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Update: All DONE!! I am so excited to share and click here if you want to see the end result!


Let me begin by saying I am NOT spontaneous and yet I find myself jumping in with both feet into a challenge that is 100% challenging for a bunch of reason. I was in Instagram and listening to Sarah from Grace in my Space (check her out, seriously uplifting and so creative!) and she mentioned mentioned #100roomchallenge. It instantly got me excited and so I was introduced (online, same thing as meeting a real friend right?) to Erin Meyers from Lemons Lavender and Laundry and within 24 hours I was in in….

log for the $100 room challenge #100roomchallenge


The challenge sounds super simple! Decorate a room with a budget of $100! Little disclaimer; I am in Canada, and our prices are different from the USA and because the majority of the bloggers are in America I am converting prices to American prices. The challenging part? The room I chose, it is my two littlest girl’s bedroom. The room has been under renovation and I already have a few things (which I will disclose!) bought and a VAGUE plan. The challenge, getting the walls done (they are plaster, and getting repaired and painted) and the bigger challenge? It isn’t the tiny budget of $100 but rather me making up my mind to how this is going to look when I am all done! I take FOREVER to make up my mind when it comes to home decor and this is forcing me to finish this room in ONE MONTH. Yup folks, the woman who took a full year to finish her daughters teal and white room is now going to have a deadline!

This challenge is hard and pushes your mind to be creative, to ‘shop’ your own home, and hunt for those deals and DIY’s.

I pulled together a mood board, a virtual scrapbook of the direction I want to go in.

a mood board for a $100 room challenge


The scary part? This is the room at the moment…

a before picture of a room that need renovations

The plan: We have crackfill, primers and paints all previously bought. The flooring is still good (thank goodness!). I have the mattresses and the beds and we are not refinishing the beds but leaving them as they are. The mirror I also have ( I found it in the garbage sitting on top and it needs a MINOR repair in the back, it is brand new and still had a tag on it!). The dresser we have and I also have some floral wreaths from my prop stash from photoshoots. I also have two decorative pillow covers in a warm pink from Indigo.

To buy;

Bedding…I might have something here but nothing that matches.

Curtains and curtain rod

something for the wall

a lamp

paint for dresser (it is stripped down now)

handles for dresser

and some wall art


All for $100 (USD)

and completed in ONE month.

Let’s do this!!



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