3 Fall Decor Ideas on a Budget

farmhouse living room decorated on a budget

Scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram can leave you with some major envy when you see the professional decorator’s homes! Rooms that are covered with tasteful fall decor and not a spare inch is uncovered. Wondering how to make your own fall decor dreams come true on a budget can feel a little daunting. We are a family of 7 and that means the grocery bill is insane and my decor fun money is always on a the small side. Being strategic with my purchases has helped figure out a way to have the home decor I want with the budget that I have. Here are my 3 fall decor ideas on a budget!

Find Cheap Fall Decor at Thrift Stores

cheap fall decorations found at a thrift store, brass candlesticks on vintage books

Two years ago I would wander through the thrift stores glaring at the cheesy and ugly fall decor from the 80’s. Everything was so dated and ugly! It drove me crazy and I hardly ever went back. However, when I got serious about really hunting for some great decor I realized I was thinking about it all wrong. Instead of heading for the aisle that had the seasonal decoration and those terrible wreaths I needed to look in other areas. Pieces of decor that had classic lines and traditional. For hundreds of years candlesticks have been a decor favourite. Brass has returned to vogue and can now be found in thrift stores for only a couple of dollars.

Other pieces that can be found at the second stores is copper. Copper mugs, plates, kettles and canisters. This bright autumn colour metal will add a warm touch to your decor for a fraction of the cost of new. Another easy ideas is old books. It doesn’t need to matter what the topic is about (or it can matter as a personal touch!) but the colour of the books can add to the fall feelings!

The idea is to add warmth through colour and texture. Candle sticks make us feel warm and copper/orange metal help as well. Books with natural colour found in fall like muted greens, browns and oranges.

DIY Fall Decor

diy fall decor by painting pumpkins from the dollarstore to look like expensive store bought

While at the thrift store you find the perfect piece but the colour is wrong? Or those Dollarstore Pumpkins are the right shape and size but the colour is wrong? DIY your fall decor! A little paint can take a piece a long way. Sometimes the cost is the time, for example wreaths. A fall wreath new can cost close to $50-80 but to DIY can cost around $20. Using pieces from the Dollarstore can also help lower the cost.

Personally, I have already made a fall sign, my fall wreath and painted my pumpkins, all so I can keep my costs down low and save money!

Buy Multi-Seasonal Decor

a white couch with neutral colour pillows that will match seasons decor

Sometimes we need to buy something new! For example pillows! My couch is all pretty and comfy because the loads of pillows that adorn the back. The entire room changes seasons easily with a few pillows. However, pillows are expensive!

Pillows by far are one of my most expensive pieces of decor and therefore each purchase needs to be carefully planned. If I buy a pillow, it either needs to be on sale (and a good discount) or I need to be able to use it for a few seasons. I try to stick with neutrals as often as I can, like these soft brown pillows and the cream knit pillows. Therefor I can add one pretty decor pillow in the centre and change the direction.

Other pieces of multi seasonal decor are baskets! By adding a couple lower cost decor elements (like leaves and pumpkins from the Dollarstore) the entire look changes! Add evergreens in the winter for a holiday feel and tulips in the summer.

These pieces often cost me more but they are used year round, can be decorated to change the season.

3 fall decor ideas on a budget

By following these 3 fall decor ideas to keep me on budget, I can strategically plan decor and save money.

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