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The past seven years I have dedicated my career to creating beautiful portraits and wall art for my photography clients. My spare time has gone towards courses and practice so that I could build a business that I loved. The handwork has paid off and I have this amazing business. However, I felt that my home life was out of balance and I wanted a change. Last summer every single weekend was eaten with weddings, family sessions. While the work week consisted of me sitting in my computer chair staring at my computer with hours upon hours of editing.

Financially things were great! I had more than enough work! The downside? There was no time. No time to use that brand new fire pit we bought (it never was used once!), no time to go to the Farmer’s markets in other towns. No times to visit family and friends. The summer flashed by in a hot sticky blur and my kids will tell you we went camping twice but the rest of the summer we watched tv. Now, by far I am not the Pinterest Mom who plans a magical summer filled with crafts and adventures planned with cuteness packed inside… but this felt like a massive fail in the life department.

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The Wakeup

Life was plain ‘busy’. That business never ended till well after the holidays and March was trudging along. At that time I started listening to podcasts while I edited, random ones. From everything about being a small business owner, to bloggers, to people who cooked for a living (which is ironic because I am not a fan of cooking and do not even like cooking shows on television). One hit home. Listening to Beth Kirby from Local Milk I picked up a few insightful thoughts that stuck in my brain and made me question a few things in my life. I began to wonder about change.

Slow Down?

What if I slowed down? I have been a small business owner for over 12 years and that entire time I have hustled. That hustle has always been in service of others and finding ways to serve more people. Slowing down the hustle allows me to focus on other areas of my life, spending more time with my kids and finally photographing their life a bit more. The honest truth was I wasn’t sure what life would be like without the constant deadlines looming overhead.

Less Was More

This summer I booked lightly, 1-2 clients a week and a few with no clients at all. Every single weekend is free. A complete 360 degree turn from last summer! It is hard to not feel the panic of such a light schedule but on the flip side I have the commodity of time that I couldn’t afford last year. For the first time I have the time to work on the decor and renovations in our home. I can take the kids out for the afternoon if I feel like it. I can sleep in on the weekends (cause Rosalie is still in therapy most of the summer so no sleeping in for us everyday!) and be lazy when I want too. I am incredibly blessed that I can do simple things like have the energy to wash my dishes and a husband that is encouraging me to change directions a little bit.

I decided to open up this blog because there is something kinda crazy, I have over 4000+ people that follow my business Enchanted Hill though social media and my highest viewed posts? Always about US! The posts about my kids and their struggles with autism, have 5 kids and working full time, our renovations, the rare time I decorated and rarer times I posted a recipe. The views were crazy high and recently I had a complete stranger reach out and tell me she missed seeing those posts. So here is to us! Our full life, the massive renovation, my first attempts at seriously decorating, my love of antique farm housey stuff, life on the coast and the simple happy joy we live.

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