Decorating with White and Woods

Decorating with White and Woods

White is everywhere! Walls, furniture and decor have all turned white! Of course, there are people complaining about this trend, complaining it will show to dirt and feel too sterile. I have found my favourite way when decorating with white is to add wooden decor. The white can feel a bit stark and overly bare. The bright cleanliness can be contrasted and brought down with wood.

Shades of White and Wood

When decorating with white you need to decide what shade of white you want to go with. Whites that have a yellow undertone will look best when mixed with warmer toned wood (red and yellows).

A cooler tones white (has blue undertones) will look best when matched with greys, blues and blacks. With a cooler shade of white paint, you will also want wood that has a cooler undertone.

Choose a side, warm or cool, will help dictate what colours and tones will look best in your home. In my dining room, I prefer using warmer tones wood because of the red toned doors and wood trim.

how to decorate using different colours of wood

Be a Rebel and Go Stark White

A stark white that has neither undertone can also be used as a base and anchor. Often this is the colour that the paint store has as a pure white, and what they will use as a base to mix with to get other colours. These base whites can feel very sterile and stark, they are very bright and will reflect the colours in the room if the light is brighter enough.

The beauty of going white is anything goes. When mixing wood in the room with that stark white you can also mix the tones of the wood, warms wood tones, cooler wood tones.

mixing different elements so your decor goes together

Layers of Wood and White

When decorating with white and wood there really are no rules! Mix and mix your white and woods! Add layers and touches of greenery to liven up any spot.

If the white feels too bright, contrast with some darker pieces of wood decor. Vice versa as well! On a brighten the darker corners with touches of white decor.

using antiques and vintage pieces that are white or wood

Add Some Old and New

When decorating with white and wood, also think of adding pieces that are old and new. Beautiful chippy furniture and decor will pop against a few newer pieces that look a bit glossy.

Balancing the vintage and modern will showcase both and add more visual interest. For example, my floors are worn and scratched. For this reason, I didn’t distress the chairs or buffets. The contrast works beautifully!

a white buffet and different colours of wood decor

Add Dimension with Texture

Another trick to decorating with white and wood is to mix and match the textures. Shiny painted pieces, with rough unsanded wood. Loosely woven baskets, with tightly woven baskets. Fluffy greenery, soft wool and a metal.

Don’t be afraid of breaking any preconceived rules! When you feel stumped when decorating, ask yourself if adding a different element in the means of texture will help! You could have multiple items in the same colours and if the texture is different, they will add a little something special to your decor.

I hope these easy little tips will help you when decorating with white and wood! Easy to gather if you are a wintage lover like myself and wonder if a peice will work in your home!

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