Double Sided Sign DIY

double sided sigh for living room

A Great Idea

Ever have one of those good ideas that would save time, money and space? A double sided sign was floating around in my head and I love how it turned out and doubt I will ever make another sign that is only one sided!

anne of avonlea quote on a double sided sign

Weird Little Corner

This corner has been a little of an awkward area in the house. Enough space for the Christmas tree each year but once the tree comes down it felt empty. A nice tall cabinet might look good there but the piano to the right dominates the room and I didn’t want it to look too cluttered.

I had tried putting a large clock but it still felt off balance, the answer was a tall sign! The trick was a sign that could be up until January till mid-November. It needed to be timeless, the colours needed to harmonize with that red-wood trim and the dark cool brown piano.

halloween harry potter sign on a double sided sign

Book Worms Might Live Here

Normally signs are nice little quotes and that was the first thing I began to look up and quickly realized that wouldn’t work at all. A short sentence would still leave too much empty space. The search turned to a passage.

Being a bit of a book nerd and nostalgic, I read the same books over and over. It is like visiting with old friends and taking your mind somewhere familiar. I knew I wanted the quote to be from Lucy Maud Montgomery, the authoress of Anne of Green Gables…but my daughter was pushing hard for anything Harry Potter!

We put it to a vote online from our friends on Instagram and 78% for an Anne quote…my daughter was not impressed. Little did she know I was already planning two sides!

Anne of Green Gables quote on a spring sign

Two is Better Than One

Doing two sides was pretty easy! Paint one side and then another, make sure the trim has enough overhang for both sides. The best tip was to keep the sign upright when I did the lettering. My worry of laying the sign flat, was possibly damaging the other side by pushing down to hard.

Having two sides meant satisfying two household favourite book series, it also meant we could have something uplifting, hopeful and lighter. The Anne quote is sweet and feels like Spring and warm weather.

The Harry Potter quote is deep, a bit scary and dark and perfect for Halloween! My teen boys appreciate it much more and cannot wait till it can be turned over!

Deathly Hallows symbol on a Harry Potter Sign for halloween

Saving Space, Time & Money

Having two sides means I am saving space! Instead of storing one till the fall and two during the holiday season (because when the tree goes up, it will be coming down!), I have one sign!

Making two sides is saving time, only one frame to do, I reversed the paint colours a bit (added a cream colour to the light Anne sign) and didn’t need to purchase more paint. Decorating that corner for the fall will take 5 seconds (no hunting in the attack!)

Cost wise a double-sided sign is the best bang for your buck. The cost is one piece of plywood for the sides, the wood for the frame, double the vinyl and paint.

Spring sign painted in a mixed paint of linen white chalk paint and alabaster

Love The End Result

I am so happy with the end result! Two completely different looks, two completely different moods, and the benefits of saved time and money!

When I first visualized this project with painter’s tape, I was pretty sure I would like how it looked and so glad I made the idea become a reality!

living room decorated for fall and halloween with a double sided sign

Products Used

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