How Paint Can Change a Room

(this project was sponsored by Home Hardware)

How can paint change a room? Take a peak at our dining room now! Before this room was a dingy, shabby little room with outdated paint colour (I think it was painted back in the 60’s?).

The Before

ivory dining room with dark wood trim and craftsman style
Before we painted the room. It was an ivory colour.

Instead that ivory paint didn’t reflect hardly any light. The shadows were deeper and the dark wood intensified the gloomy feel. The walls were cracked and the ceiling? Well, the paint was peeling and chipping. We had moved the chandelier from the centre of the room to over the table. That left a hole in the ceiling too.

Josh spent a few days patching the the walls and ceiling. Doing a skim coat to smooth those old plaster walls.

The walls and ceiling were primed and we used the flat ceiling paint from Home Hardware and finally were ready for colour!

The After

painted laden green from beutitone dining room

With a little paint, it is a brighter, prettier and feels NEW. it all began with me wanting to paint those chairs!

We teamed up with Home Hardware for their Paint Sale and knew immediately which room we wanted to tackle. This room is used every single evening. Josh and I are pretty big on eating supper together as a family.

dining room with dark wood trim painted teal

Choosing a Paint Colour

The hardest part was picking out the paint colour. This room faces the North and that means no sun ever peaks through those big windows! In addition that wood trim and doors are dark, red stained wood. You would think that the previous ivory walls would have been a good match to lighten the room.

dinging room hutch painted white in a teal dining room

Choosing the colour meant digging deeper. I had it in my head I needed to work with that dark wood trim but finally decided to ignore it and not worry about it. How did we want to feel in this room? This is a place where we celebrate together, eat daily meals and recap the day and were my girls and I do craft activities together.

Our kitchen and living room are whites and I almost went for another white shade but I was feeling to the gloom of the winter. This winter has been long, snowy and filled with grey days and I wanted to see something alive!

The idea of having a green room popped up and was dismissed. However, I also realized I could see my teal door from this room, we have teal stools and a teal chair…this led me to the colour Pale Loden Green from Beautitone.

Loden Green from Beautitone dining room is comparable with Sea Salt

What an amazing change! We went with a satin finish so that the walls were a little more washable and this also allows the light to bounce better. The light reflection was the game changer!! The shadows are lessened and the room feel bigger than before!

My favourite part is the quality and depth of the colour! In some light the room looks blue, other light it looks green! The perfect shade of teal!

The paint changed the room immensely!

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