Local Strawberries and Jam

In a large bowl:

4 Cups of white sugar

2 cups of crushed strawberries

Stir together read sit 10 minutes

In a separate pot:

Add the package of no cook pectin ( I used Bernardin©)

add 3/4 cup of water

Bring to a boil and boil for one minute and stir constantly

Pour into bowl with strawberries and sugar and now stir constantly for 3 minutes.

Pour into a jar and leave 1/4″ at top of the jar and seal…allow to sit for 24 hours and freeze.

The trick to good no-cook freezer jam? Pay attention to the timer, sit when you need to stir and stop when you need to stop.

Use local in season berries…the store bought from the south are not as good or sweet.

You want them to be ripe but a day away from going soft.


Do you not hate it when you see an awesome recipe on Pinterest or Instagram and when you click on the recipe you need to wade through a novel to get to the recipe? Yup, me too. So I promise to always keep the recipe at the top and while you are waiting for it to set, cook or eat, you can read what I have to say (if I have anything to say at all). So, I pledge to not make you dig for recipes!

We call the strawberry crack jam…no low sugar option for us (cause I tried that and it was yum but lets be honest we like it like candy!). This stuff is ADDICTING and my kids will eat it by the spoonful if I don’t put enough fear into their hearts if they get caught. I always make enough for 18-24 months because it is a PAIN to make. Between the kids interrupting and the mess and the vast amount I need to make it isn’t the most fun way to spend the afternoon.

This year I did have a few helpers! Kathleen and Peter were pretty enthusiastic to help make jam and we set to work and 4 hours later, 24 beautiful jaws were completed.

There also seems to be a tradition of bad math and jam. I needed new mason jars (3 years of a porcelain floor versus glass anything means we need new jars every year) so we bought a dozen on sale from Home Hardware, had 4 boxes of pectin and 3 large bags of white sugar…with 16 pints of berries. 3 more boxes of pectin, half a bag of sugar and 12 more yards were needed from the store half way through the process. I have never had the math correct yet after 15 years of making jam! Josh is a good sport and is always ready for the inevitable run to the stores.

But the end of the prices the kids were not super excited about the thought of blueberry jam in August. Nestled in my deep freeze we have our jam ready for the rest of the year and the kids are a little more careful when spooning out some for their PB&J knowing how much work it really is to make the red goodness!


result of making jam in the maritimesmad with local strawberries


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