Hey There!

I’m Carla, I am a small town, East Coast Canadian who likes to describe herself as a chatty introvert! I love meeting up with friends and groups of people but my heart is always home! Home consists of a lovely century old house, that is sits on a hill, overlooking some salt water. The  backyard is the bottom of a waterfall (it’s a dream house I tell ya!) and filled with my favourite people, my husband, Josh and our five children (toddlers to teens!).

By day I am a professional photographer that owns a studio in the city. I have work published in Click Magazine, Maritime Edit, Canadian Living, CBC News and Weddings Atlantic. Photography has been an amazing journey and career, it is has allowed me the flexibility I needed to be Mom to my 5 children and the 3 with special needs. I can be home to drive to therapy appointments, never missing a piano recital and work in the cracks of time.

Raising a large family and renovating has meant our budget is always been squeaky tight. DIY projects and doing the renovations ourselves (well be honest Josh is the mastermind of the renovations- Jack of all Trades and Master of Youtube research) has helped stretch our pennies. I am the creative one with sewing projects, painting and finding hidden antique items at yard sales.

The one creative pursuit I had never undertaken? Decorating my home! It has always been on my to-do list! I would buy furniture and pop them into the back room for ‘someday’. Makeing gorgeous boards, of lovely homes, on Pinterest. All in hope that ‘someday’ I would get serious and work on our home. I had myself convinced we could never afford to make our home beautiful. The house was filled with odds and ends of furniture and decor that never really went together. This summer we finally decided to make it happen!

Thank you for coming to join us!

Meet Carla from Enchanted Hill Life Blog