My Favorite Things-Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

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Mother’s Day is peeking around the corner and I know I need to make sure I pick up something for my mother! One fact about me is I am so careful about what I purchase. I am always thinking of my budget but also space and use. When I make a purchase I always want to make sure it is good quality so it will last and be functional. How often I can use it is also high on my list.

My method for shopping requires me doing research, careful thought and planning and only then will I go and purchase it! Sounds like craziness but there is nothing I dislike more than purchasers regret! I am also conscious about finding items I can purchase in Canada or have good shipping acorss the border.

The best part? Finding gems! You know the simple things you have bought and they bring so much joy for the smallest reasons. Here are my favourite things for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

Gardening Gloves

Super simple. Every single year I do the same little routine, spring arrives and I pull out my gardening gloves and every year I realize I have lost the year before! I swear they grow legs and run from my black thumb.

However, the year needs tidying after this long winter and my flower beds need some sprucing up. I found these gems at my local Home Hardware

My Favourite Turkish Towels

This is my newest obsession. So simple and overlooked but nothing makes me quite as happy as my new Turkish Dish Towels I picked up. I have bought the cheapest dishtowels for over 20 years and then heard about these gems through Instagram.

I ignored the hype till I finally bought myself a few and now there is NO going back! They are super soft and abosrbant and I love how they look!

Who knew that a dishtowel could also be practical and stylish? Since adding these to my kitchen drawers I don’t even buy paper towels anymore, so yay for environmentally friendly too! Trust me that your Mom might wonder why you picked up a priceier dish towel as a gift but I promise she will really appreciate them!

Pretty Everyday Dishes

Every time I use these dishes I get asked where I found them and I love to say Walmart! I spied these a few years ago while wandering the aisles. We had perfectly fine plain white dishes but there were so pretty!

Not your typical plate, they have a scalloped edge and a cream colour that goes with so many place settings. Every holiday I have fund building my tablescapes around them and every meal we use them!

They are thick and heavy duty and so far surviving my children! My girls call them princess plates and we all love looking at them!

Prettiest Notebook You Ever Did See

I love pretty notebooks. I use them for basic lists, to write plans out and rip out the pages to write notes for my kids. I am also surprised at the number I have accumulated over the years.

Those notebooks hold fragments of my day to day life, bits of recipes and thousands of to do lists. I love making lists but I love it more in a pretty notebook.

They are also one of my favourite things to gift to friends and family! Everyone loves them but rarely buys one for themselves because it is a pretty little luxury.

The Classic Gift of Flowers

There is nothing that quite says Mother’s Day like the gift of flowers. Even when we were young and poor I loved those flowers and guarded them from our pesky cats!

Some people do not like receiving flowers so maybe consider a potted plant that will last all year long? Or if they have a black thumb like me look into an outdoor plant. My favourite are perennials because they will bloom every year.

The best part is you can buy local at your closest greenhouse. These are often small family run businesses and they will be able to give you personalized help on your plant selection!

Gifts That Give

Hoping these few ideas will help you find the perfect gift that your mother or partner will love. Gifts that are more than a simple card but will keep giving throughout the year as little luxuries to enjoy! These are my favourite things for Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

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