Painters Tape to Help Visualize

using green painters tape to help visualize

Blank Wall and Indecision

How you ever stared at a blank wall and wonder what to put there? Bought pictures or decor and never put it up because you were not sure how it would look? Let’s be honest, hanging everything up to only discover it doesn’t look right or uneven? Did you know painters tape could help?

I once saw someone cut the shapes out on newspaper and tried hanging it up but when I tried I made two big mistakes. One, I used tape and it took the paint off (whoops!) and two, the newspaper left smudges on the wall.

Now, I use painter’s tape to help visualize! Let me explain how!

a cream coloured living room corner with a white couch and a blank wall

DIYing Decor

This is the corner of our formal living room and this empty blank wall has glared at me for almost 5 fives. The kitty-corner between the couch and the piano. It is also where the Christmas tree goes. and the rest of the year it is blah.

I tried the big clock you see on the floor but it didn’t look right. A tall skinny small cabinet would work here but none in my price range or desired style have come my way.

I decided I wanted to make a sign, a big tall sign that is personalized. The big question was what size? So I grabbed my painters tape!

green painters tape on a table

Painters Tape

There are so many brands of painters tape and they are relatively cheap to have on hand. They also come is a variety of widths (wider is better for bigger wood trim when painting). We typically buy in bulk so we always have some on hand. The best part? It isn’t sticky enough for the kids to try to swipe it and use for their projects.

Painters tape is available at all hardware stores or any home improvement centres. I have found that like many products you get what you pay for and spending a few extra dollars can give you better quality.

green painters tape on the wall that is beginning to outline a project

Adjustable Designing

I started outlining a general idea how big of a word sign I thought I wanted. Adjusted and added where I thought necessary. Stood back and looked again. Left it for a day to be sure.

I knew I didn’t want it so large it overwhelmed or was a focal point but rather an added point of interest to the room. Also, if I want I have the ability to easily move it and change it, if I wanted. I know in November it will be coming down to put the tree there!

designing a sign on a wall in the living room

Visualizing What It Could Be

Using the painter’s tap to visualize I can see what the sign will look like in that corner. I was able to use the tape measure and record the size of wood I will need.

You can also use this method when handing a gallery! A level, tape measure and painters tape to help visualize. Measure you decor and pictures and made an outline on the wall, step back and decide if it works for you before you hammer in the hooks and nails.

green painters tap being held by a female hands

I hope this idea of using painters tape to help visualize can make some of those decisions for DIY and decor go a little easier! Simple, easier and 100% affordable!

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