Plastic Playhouse Makeover

*this post and project was sponsored by Rustoleum Canada

a plastic playhouse that was spray painted white with teal doors and shutter and a black roof

New To Us Playhouse

This plastic playhouse makeover has been a topic I have brought up a few times over the past year. We were out hunting the local yar sales and saw this little diamond in the rough. The price was $50, it was solid but we didn’t have a way to get it home!

old plastic plastic house with chipped paint
It needed some TLC

There was no way that was fitting into the back out our van with all of the kids! One phone call and my Dad came to the rescue with his truck and 10 minutes later the girls had their first playhouse! The girls loved it and used it every time they went outside but *I* didn’t love how it looked! It felt drab and dingy and I had this romantic dream that a playhouse is even cuter when it matches your actual house!

shabby plastic playhouse makeover
The Before

Spray Paint was the Answer

This summer that little dream came to light thanks to Rustoleum! Estimating how much I needed was a little bit tricky because spray paint is hard to gauge! If the day is windy, the paint can go everywhere and you do not get as much from the cans. I hunted several blogs that had used spray paint and finally guestimated was I would need:

  • 5 cans of the Rustoleum Painters Touch Wet or Dry SandablePrimer
  • 3 cans of the Rustoleum Painters Touch 2x Ultra Cover Satin Black
  • 3 cans of the Rustoleum Painter Touch 2x Ultra Cover Gloss Ocean Mist
  • 4 cans Painters Touch 2x Ultra Cover Paint and Primer in Blossom White
  • Sanding blocks 80-120 grit

Weather was Important!

Before painting could happen, I waited for the PERFECT day. It needed to be warm but not windy and humidity couldn’t be to higher either. (I have mentioned before that year ago in a seminar I learned that the optimal drying conditions are 26C and 30% humidity). 20C and 20 % came and I jumped at the day!

First Step was Taking it Apart

The first thing was to take the playhouse apart. These plastic houses snap apart and I took off the roof (two pieces), shutters and doors. I decided to leave the building intact because it was all going to be one piece. There was the consideration of leaving it together and taping off and painting and then covering. There was the risk that the paint wouldn’t be 100% cured because I wanted to get this done in one day! So it was taken apart. 

Second Step was Scrubbing and Sanding

I think scrubbed the house good and hard with soap and water and sprayed down. the house was covered in mud from the rain, and grime from years of play! Once everything was bone dry I grabbed some sanding blocks and lightly sanded every part. The house had been previously painted and I wanted to make sure nothing would flake or chip off. I also know how these plastic houses are made with being able to wipe down messes in mind! This type of plastic is supposed to be durable against the potential messes and colouring little ones might do! Sanding the plastic lightly made the surface a bit easier for the primer and paint to adhere to. 

Once the sanding was done, I wiped everything down with a flour sack towel so that there was no dust. Laid everything down where I wanted to paint (outdoors because you need GOOD ventilation when using spray paint) and grabbed the primer! The primer went on easily and quickly, giving everything a light coat. I was most concerned covering up that dark brown house. Going from brown to white meant that the primer really needed to be on there. 

Very Light Coats of Spray Paint

Leaving everything for an hour to dry, I began with the roof (no reason why except I wanted to start somewhere!). First coats went on lightly and I didn’t worry about missing any spots. I knew that multiple light coats would be better than spraying too much in one area and risking a drip! The teal and black covered quickly and easily and it was getting exciting! The walls were a bit tedious! The first few coats had my honestly worried! It felt patchy and sparse but I kept the faith, kept doing light coats, allowing to dry, then more light coats. 

The plastic playhouse makeover was easier than I ever expected! It took time but the colours built up bueatifullly!

children's little house was painted

Patience was the Key Ingrediant!

When I finished and used the last can it looked AMAZING! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to put it all back together. We let everything sit a full 24 hours to allow the paint to cure properly. The plastic house was snapped back together and then we added those finishing touches!

teal and white playhouse

The flooring was concrete slabs picked up at our local hardware store. We noticed some off to the side with small corners and cracks missing, the clerk let us know those were 50% so we scooped those up. Using four we were able to fit the house on it neatly. Laying some mulch down around the house and using a little picket fence found at the dollar store, the house now had some of that charm I desired. Scrap pieces of wood from our last project were used to make the flower boxes. We stuck those flower boxes on using gorilla glue! The final touch was a little lantern that was bought for some decor but neglected in the storage room. Hanging that out on a screw added to the prettiness. 

Plastic Playhouse Makeover Thrilled the Girls

makeover on a yard sale find

The girls have played non stop in their ‘new’ house. There are some requests for a few chairs to put in there now (we will add it to the list!) and the girls want to add more flowers and flower pots. My favourite part? This was a gift of love and hard work! It was easier then I thought and required some patience between coats. It took an entire day but was worth every minute. Now when the company sees the playhouse they all gush over how cute it is! The girls are already planning for fall and Christmas decor. We took a second-hand plastic playhouse and spray some new life into it! 

plastic playhouse was spray painted and transformed into a charming cottage

Total Time: 7 hours

Difficulty Level: Beginner

The plastic playhouse makeover took time but skill wise was very easy to achieve.

plastic playhouse was painted for a makeover

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