Super Simple Lamp Makeover

a tutorial on how to makeover a shift store lamp

You the old saying, “If it is too good to be true then it probably is!” and but I love when this isn’t true! Doing this lamp makeover was easier then I thought it would be, even when I thought out the process. The reason I needed to do a diy lamp? I am participating in the 100 Room Challenge with Lemons, Lavender and Laundry. The challenge is for bloggers to makeover, renovate or decorate a room for $100. It has been challenging and quite a bit of fun! I made a mood board and from that I have been trying to stretch my budget to my ideas. I was lucky enough to find a bargain and do this super simple lamp makeover!

One challenge was a lamp! I have scoured for hours on Amazon, Wayfair and other random website looking for something that would fit in my budget. I set aside $20 for a lamp and quickly realized the average cost was $45-60 for what I wanted or was a tiny little desk lamp that wouldn’t be practical. So I hit up the thrift stores and hoped for the best. Salvation Army and Value Village came up empty but we tried the Habitat for Humanity Restore Store and bingo! The perfect height and shape, $5.00 on the tag BUT it was 50% off that day so we walked away with the lamp for only $2.50 (and this is Canadian! We are going to be converting the prices to American dollars because the challenge is in American funds, the exchange is about 30-40%!).

Old lamp from thrift store that will have a makeover

Now that I had my plan and the lamp was bought I needed to find a lamp shade. I wasn’t sure of the price of lampshades and budgeted for maybe $20? The next day I hit up Walmart first and found the lamp shade for $10 (Canadian!) and some green painters tape for $2.00. I am so glad that the lamp shades were so inexpensive! Lamp shades did range in price but I wanted a simple plain white one and those were much lower in cost!

sanding block and painters tape that will be used to makeover a lamp

At home I sanded down the varnish and then using the green painters tape, covered the cord and electrical stuff.  Using some cardboard I placed the lamp outside in the yard, away from the vehicles and kids toys. Coating the lamp with light strokes of paint, waiting an hour between coats. I used very light coats because I was afraid of creating drips of paint if the coats were too thick. The hard part was the wood was SOAKING in the paint, it probably would have been a quicker process to use a thicker primer or chalk paint. This step still only took 1-2 minutes every hour, so quick but it took the day t complete.

can of spray paint with primer to be used for lamp makeover

a thrift store lamp that has painters tape over electrical and cord that has been spray painted white

And done! Super simple over with minimal effort and under my budget! I was lucky I had leftover spray paint on hand but even if I had to buy another can I still have more then enough to use the paint again (it took very little paint). There is enough green painter’s tape and spray paint to do a few more lamps if I wanted too. This super simple lamp makeover was so much easier then I thought it would be and fit in perfectly with my budget. I love that I have a classic looking lamp that will go with any decor and it took this 1980’s lamp into 2018!

a white lamp that was painted and has a new lamp shadetwo pictures of a white lamp on a green dresser that was DIY





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