Using Fusion Paint to Transform a Dresser

using fusion paint to transform a dresser

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Have you ever had good intentions but things just didn’t work out? That is what exactly happened with a dresser in our main hallway. I knew I needed to fix the mistakes and finally had a moment of inspiration and was able to use Fusion Paint to transform the dresser!

In one day and less then $30 CDN I was able to have a brand new dresser that had the character I wanted!

old dresser that needs to be painted

A Failed Project Attempt

How sad is this dresser? Let me give you a quick backstory, this was my grandparents and when they downsized it came to my house. Originally it was a reddish-brown mud colour and not to my taste (or anyone’s) so I decided I would give it a facelift!

Painting furniture was still a bit new to me, I didn’t have any idea what colour or the style but found an article that explains grey was the IN colour! I didn’t even question if it was a colour I like but I wanted to have nicer things and if grey was the answer it was going grey!

Quickly picking a colour in under 2 minutes flat (I went to the hardware store with all five kids…they could have shown my neon yellow and I would have bought it), I ended up with a weird grey taupe.

The pulls were bought because I spied those in the clearance bin. I also picked up some wax because I planned to chalk paint and then wax….again very little research was done. Never once thought there would be a difference in the quality or types of wax out there!

Did a quick chalk paint recipe (1 cup of paint, 1 TBSP of compound joint, 1 TBSP of water) and covered up the brown, used that soft furniture wax to ‘protect it’ and then life happened.

Homestead Blue Fusion Mineral paint on a antique dresser

Wrong Products Showed Over Time

This dresser is our household catch-all. Paperwork for the business, mittens, dog leashes, loose leaf paper, hair brushes, diapers…you name it. If it was an odd or end and needed a home, it ended up in these drawers!

The problem arose with the soft wax not being the correct product for such a high volume piece of furniture. It would have been better for something like the piano or decorative wood products. The wax never fully hardened and provided the protection I thought it would.

Fingers prints, dust, and any amount of dirt clung to the soft wax. Despite scrubbing with cleaners it looked worse and worse. To the point I knew I had to do something!

Homestead blue fusion mineral paint to makeover a dresser

Researched Fusion Paint

This was such an embarrassing piece of furniture that I decided to try to make it better by using some leftover Alabaster paint and did the top. It only took one look to realize it still didn’t look right or any better.

I finally sat down and started researching. What was needed was a product that could withstand being handled daily, wiped clean and still look great!

The other issue was colour. The current trends are no longer grey but white! Clean and bright! I love white and the shades of white however, I tried that on the top and it was not the answer I was looking for! A vintage colour began to creep in my mind!

My mind went to Fusion Mineral Paint. I have used this product before (it happens to be available at my local pharmacy of all places). It is actually an acrylic paint, almost no odour and water resistant (and this is not an ad or sponsored! I am just a big fan!).

vintage dresser painted with Fusion Mineral Paint in Homestead Blue

Perfect Colour was Homestead Blue

Normally I wash down my projects with a solution of environmentally friendly TSP but of course, I couldn’t find the container and I wasn’t feeling like running over town to pick up more. I gave the dresser a good scrub down with Pinesole, then sanded it lightly and prayed for the best.

The paint glided on no problem and I kept looking for signs of trouble and nothing! No lifting or bubbling! The worry was how the paint and those old remnants of wax would interact but pleased to say it was perfect!

The colour was also pleasing! I went with Homestead Blue and one fact I learned last year using Fusion Paints is the colour dries down a little bit different from what it looks like in the bottle. Now I always check examples online and if the store has colour samples (mine does!).

Maritime Themed dresser painted with Fusion mineral Paints

Transformed The Dresser

Fusion Paint does have a built-in topcoat BUT I still worry because I have five children who are gentle on nothing (seriously these kids should be product durability testers). Grabbing my favourite can of polyacrylic sealant, I gave it a quick coat. Did it need it? Maybe? Maybe not? But now I don’t have to worry and those fingers prints can wipe off even easier.

The colour is perfection! Feel very Maritimer-ish and perfect for our East Coast lifestyle. It still looks old and now the pulls pop a little better. The best part is how it works with all the dark wood trim. Balancing those red tones is not easy and that was the reason the white Alabaster paint did not look good!

The best part? I think I only used maybe half the jar after two coats? This Homestead Blue might end up in the boys bedroom at some point.

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